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Happy to announce that I am taking over the lead of the Cognitive Computing track of our AI MSc program.

Exciting times ahead. Read more

New industry collaboration with ROSEN: “From the lab into the wild – neuro-inspired AI for efficient inspections of energy assets”

Happy to announce a new and exciting collaborative effort between the Kietzmann lab at Radboud AI and the ROSEN group. Energy asset inspection shares many aspects with problems that the brain faces: Indirect measurements, sparse ground truth data, large volumes of data with few relevant events and strong energy constraints. Together with the ROSEN group, we aim to develop and test neuro-inspired AI systems that take inspiration from neuroscience to address these issues. Energy asset inspections face several key challenges that are ... Read more

New paper out in PNAS: Recurrence is required to capture the representational dynamics of the human visual system Read more

First day at the Donders. New email address: t.kietzmann (at)

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I just accepted an offer from the Donders and Radboud AI and will join their faculty as Assistant Professor this fall.

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Happy to be a member of the “Open Science committee” at the MRC CBU! Looking forward to pushing open science further.

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All four abstracts accepted for the upcoming Cognitive Computational Neuroscience Conference! Very proud of the team!

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“Deep Neural Networks In Computational Neuroscience” accepted in the Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Neuroscience

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I am incredibly excited about the new eLife feature #ScientistAndParent to which my family and I contributed. Read more

Christmas is coming early this year: the @nvidia GPU grant program has gifted us with a brand new titan xp! Read more
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