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DFG PostDoc Fellowship Awarded

Fantastic news: The DFG is funding my PostDoc at the MRC Cognition and Brain Sciences Unit in Cambridge to work in the lab of Niko Kriegeskorte! Exciting times ahead! Read more

MEG paper on category learning accepted in NeuroImage

Abstract: The human visual system is able to distinguish naturally occurring categories with exceptional speed and accuracy. At the same time, it exhibits substantial plasticity, permitting the seamless and fast learning of entirely novel categories. Here we investigate the interplay of these two processes by asking how category selectivity emerges and develops from initial to extended category learning. For this purpose, we combine a rapid event-related MEG adaptation paradigm, an extension of fMRI adaptation to high temporal resolution, a novel spatiotemporal ... Read more

Back in the lab!

The transition from NZ campervan to the lab is complete, I am back. Read more