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Registration will open soon. Remember that each lab that wants to join has to have their PI present.

Welcome to NEAT – Neuro-AI-Talks in Osnabrück – a EU-based event for research groups working at the intersection of neuroscience and artificial intelligence. The focus of NEAT is to foster connections and discussions among attendees, sharing new ideas, projects, and directions, as well as exploring potential collaborations. The event is aiming for a rather small group of attendees (approximately 80 people) to encourage an open and relaxed exchange. Each research group is welcome to join with 3-4 members and their PI. We look forward to welcoming you to Osnabrück in September.

Questions? Feel free to contact Anastasia Derksen at anastasia.derksen(at)

[Impressions from NEAT 2023]

Important dates
Registration deadline: TBA
Hotel reservation deadline: TBA
Main event: 02-03 September 2024

Keynote Speakers
Keynote 1:

Prof. Peter Dayan
“Mind Games: Explorations in Cognitive Hierarchies”
  Keynote 2:

Prof. Dr. Fatma Deniz
  Keynote 3:


NEAT will take place in the “Bohnenkamphaus”, a conference venue at the heart of the botanical gardens of the University of Osnabrück.

We were able to negotiate special hotel prices for the NEAT participants. Please book via email or via phone, booking codeword is “neat 2024”.

Walhalla Hotel
Walking distance to venue: 18 minutes
Single room: 94 Eur/night
Double room: 104 Eur/night
Booking codeword: “neat 2024”
Web: Hotel Walhalla
Hotel Klute
Walking distance to venue: 15 minutes
Single room from 65 Eur/night
Double room from 94 Eur/night
Booking codeword: not needed
Web: Hotel Klute
Vienna House Remarque
Walking distance to venue: 15 minutes
Single room: 119 Eur/night per room
Double room: 119 Eur/night per room
Booking codeword: “neat 2023”
Web: Remarque Hotel

Main workshop dinner (September 3rd)
The joint workshop dinner will likely take place at the Portobar in Osnabrück – reachable on foot from the event and hotel.
Address: Martinistraße 55, 49080 Osnabrück


Monday September 2nd, 2024
13:00 Registration
13:30 Welcome
14:00 Keynote 1
15:00 Coffee & Cake
15:30 Flash Talks
16:30 Poster Session 1
18:00 Cocktail Reception
20:00 Dinner matching
Similar to CCN mind-matching, we plan to match scientists according to their research interests. Mind-matched groups will have joint dinner at local restaurants.
Tuesday September 3rd, 2024
08:30 Warmup w coffee
09:00 Keynote 2
10:00 Coffee
10:30 Science Shuffle
11:30 Pickineating/Collaboration Radar
13:30 Flash Talks 2
14:30 Poster Session 2
16:00 Keynote 3
17:00 Closing Remarks
19:00 Joint Dinner

Information on the poster format will be posted soon.